What is the running technique score?

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Working on technique as an efficient way to improve your performance should be evident. Technique is the more effective way to express your athletic potential, and your technique progress should be tracked. This is why we invented the running technique score.

How to make sure that doing drills before each of your runs has a valuable effect on your running? That your hard work is paying off? Your times should go down, of course, but how to get this specific information on technique during your training period?

First, to have an idea of what good movement is, we need a standard as a reference. By definition, every deviation from the standard is an error. When you understand how the laws of physics apply to running and how to use them efficiently, you have a clear understanding of where the different body parts should be at the different times of the running gait.

After watching hundreds of videos of runners, the Molokoy team came up with a way of scoring the different significant criteria that would reflect the technique level of a runner.

The combination of all those scores is your global technique score, that is easily suitable to measure your technique progress. From an analysis to the other, it becomes easy to see if and how much you have improved. This way, if you are preparing for a race, you can make sure that your technique is evolving during your program to perform at your best on race day!

In addition, those criteria target different phases of the running cycle. This allows us to understand which phase of the gait needs the most attention, and thus be able to program the best exercises that would improve this phase, and to level up the overall running technique.

The great thing is that as your running technique score goes up, your times go down! Obvious right? If you are more efficient, you will run faster with the same perceived effort.

Get a running technique analysis now to compare to in a few weeks!